28 Aug. 2018 Client Update - Valve

Steam client update released
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28 Aug. 2018 Client Update - Valve

Beitrag von Kalle Grabowski » Fr 12. Okt 2018, 11:28

A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Update: In order to address an issue with the initial build of this release it was released a second time. If you updated quickly after the first update you may see a second update for this release.

Windows users on 64bit operating systems now get a 64bit steamwebhelper.exe process
Fixed one case where the built-in browser could crash during initialization or video playback
Fixed some cases users would not auto-login to Steam web pages inside the Steam Client
Fixed cases where text was blurry in web/chat/friends windows for users with nVidia FXAA forced on for Steam or system wide
Fixed Steam UI freezing when system accent color is changed on Windows
Fixed querying for available disk space in macOS when running on an APFS filesystem
Fixed Steam shortcut handling when using non-US keyboard layouts on macOS
Ensure DRM support is available on playback of a Steam Video after first launch of a new Steam client install

New Steam Chat
Fix for a bug where receiving a new message from a user who you don’t have a chat window open with could undo cursor/mouse locking to the game window in some games. The game didn’t actually lose focus, but your mouse might suddenly move out of the game window and cause you to click on another app or a second monitor and then change focus when this would occur.
Fixed some cases the friends list or chat dialogs would take focus on startup, after a crash, or after a reload in an unintended manner
Fixed the friends list showing when Steam was launched from a games desktop shortcut that should not show Steam related UI
Fixed users with certain sound cards or audio drivers on Windows sounding staticky or stuttery after a little while in Voice Chat
Fixed several cases of steamwebhelper.exe related crashes
Rich presence features (View Game Info, Join Game, Launch Game) now work on macOS and Linux
Added Command-Left/Right text entry shortcuts and Command-[Shift]-Z undo/redo shortcuts on macOS
Invite to Watch now appears in friends’ context menus when the user is running a non-Steam game
Fixed old chat UI appearing in the overlay when trying to chat from inside a game (like /w in Dota)
Fixed clicking on an achievement notification bringing up the old friends list UI
Outgoing friend invitations are now shown in the invitations tab on the friends list
Fixed taskbar jumplist entries for Online, Away, and Invisible not working if the user was in offline mode.

Steam Input
Improved automatic gyro drift compensation, it should now correct actual drift quickly but also be much less likely to erroneously correct desired user movement
Prevent Switch controllers already connected over Bluetooth from double connecting over USB and auto-disconnect USB connection if controller is connected over Bluetooth
Fixed jumpy gyro mouse movement for Switch controllers
Fixed phantom Xbox 360 controller on Mac OS X
Fixed a bug where dismissing the on-screen keyboard on the desktop would snap focus onto the Steam client window

Steam Link
Added support for touch control on the Steam Link app: https://steamcommunity.com/app/353380/d ... 489233412/

Big Picture
Fixed Big Picture mode closing when a game launcher exited during an NVIDIA GameStream session
Cancel Steam Link authorization if Big Picture is closed without responding to the dialog
Fix missing strings in settings dialog for 1440p and 2160p streaming resolution
Fixed a problem where the "Login" button in Big Picture would be unresponsive in some situations

Added preliminary support for the new Steam Play Beta; refer to this announcement for more information

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