25 April 2017 Client Update - Valve

Steam client update released
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25 April 2017 Client Update - Valve

Beitrag von Kalle Grabowski » Mo 19. Feb 2018, 17:35

A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

Note: An update to this Steam Client has been released on April 26th to fix an issue related to Tales of Zestiria.

Fixed video content not playing correctly (black screen or corrupt image)
Fixed an issue with some older games which resulted in a cloud file conflict immediately after installation
Improved detection and recovery after receiving corrupt file data from a download server

Fixed a chat-related crash that could be triggered by malicious users
Fixed blank screens when running from a folder-mounted partition which does not have a traditional DOS drive letter
Improved font rendering for Unicode chat text to better match with other platforms

Steam Controller
Fixed non-Steam Shortcuts displaying incorrect configuration when accessed via the Game Details page
Added desktop mode Detail View Link to edit Controller Configuration if a controller is connected.
Added time-stamp to personal configurations in the configuration browser.
Improved precision of Gyro.
Fixed a bug with localized Title and Description of official configurations.
Fixed Select Cursor Position helper screen appearing opaque when used in-game.
Fixed Analog Trigger range being incorrect.
Fixed crash that occurred when creating an entirely empty touch menu or radial menu.
Fixed PS4 Glyphs in Big Picture appearing incorrectly in SteamOS/Linux.
A copy to the link to the configuration is now automatically copied to clipboard when uploading a community configuration.
Fixed mouse joystick visualization resetting to default pad rotation when selecting it.
Fix for pairing controllers sometimes failing to be able to enter their code properly when multiple controllers were attached.
Fixed a bug where if the configurator was open in the browser, time wouldn't be accumulated towards being able to save a configuration.
Changed the time limit before posting a configuration down to 5 minutes.
Fix for button presses and other inputs leaking through to big picture when using a Guide-Chord combo. This primarily showed up as a Turn Off Controller action resulting in launching a game.
Fixes for unique/shared configurations not always being set properly
Fixed a bug during controller registration where network hiccups could cause no configurations to be received until Steam was restarted.
Fix for Shortcuts to Non-Steam Games whose names were entirely blank or composed of only path unfriendly characters resulting in bad configurations or a crash.
Fix for conflict between stick and touchpad when using on-screen keyboard with a PS4 controller.
Made on-screen keyboard exclusive to a single controller, so whichever controller initiated the invocation will be used.
Fixed autosave behavior not being immediately reflected when leaving/re-entering the configurator when a response from the backend isn't received quickly.
Fixed saves not showing immediately in the configuration browser.

Fixed an issue where you could continue to be marked "in game" after closing all VR applications
Internal changes for forthcoming SteamVR 360 video playback

Big Picture
Fixed broken icons for In Library and OSVR headset support

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