23 März 2017 Client Update - Valve

Steam client update released
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23 März 2017 Client Update - Valve

Beitrag von Kalle Grabowski » Mo 19. Feb 2018, 17:34

A new Steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded. In addition to all of the changes from March 9, this minor update includes the following fixes.

Updated March 30:
Fixed video playback issues resulting in a black screen or corrupt graphics in the Steam client

Fixed a bug preventing non-Steam game shortcuts from being saved across restarts
Fixed several rare crashes and hangs

Fixed a bug with multiple Xbox controllers where one controller could register double-input and the other would register no input

In-Home Streaming
Reduced stutter and delay when streaming from a computer with a Gigabit network interface to a computer with a 100 Mbit interface
Added support for hotplugging headphones on the streaming client computer
Added support for the third-party VB-CABLE virtual audio driver for improved 5.1 surround streaming
Fixed a source of occasional frame stutter when capturing video from the host computer
Fixed limiting the video framerate when using the Steam Link just to stream audio or for remote input

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